Two Horse Town

53 minutes, BetaSP, 4:3, colour, PAL

Between 1989 and 1992 I ran a media project in the provincial capital of Sankt Pölten, Lower Austria (Stadtfilmer – film chronicler of the town). Among the numerous films and videos made by me in Sankt Pölten and its surroundings this one is particularly close to my heart. It is quite simple, as though it had happened all by itself. What it shows I recorded on 4 September 1990, when the press was given a guided tour through the newly opened Sports School of the Province of Lower Austria. The only things added later are the titles and the final piece of music by Stereo MC’s, Two Horse Town.

For me filming implies an attempt to make something of the invisible visible. This is not always successful. I must not plan ahead too much or spend too much time pondering, I must not pretend anything: it is a matter of looking and listening, keeping to what is concrete, what is visible and audible, open, playful, in the balance between inner and outer necessity, similar to the way in which young children face the world.

Michael Pilz, February 1991

Original title Two Horse Town
English title Two Horse Town
Produced by Michael Pilz
Concept and realization by Michael Pilz
Cinematography by Michael Pilz
Original sound by Michael Pilz
Music by Stereo MC’s
Edited by Michael Pilz

Austria 1991
Dialogues German

First public screening 16 February 1991, Sankt Pölten

Copyright by Michael Pilz Film
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