With Love #3

DCP, 101 minutes, 16:9, colour, stereo

To Khosrow Sinai

Each fragment from the cinematic diaries of Michael Pilz both enlightens and thickens the mystery of his cinema.
With Love #3 is dedicated to the memory of filmmaker Khosrow Sinai, prematurely taken by the pandemic in 2020 and who we see playing the piano in an intimate, bright moment.
Pilz gathers images from his travels to Iran and elsewhere and we relearn how to look: waiting for the Sun to rise, the movements of a little child, passing through a canyon – in a few shots, one sketches a world at the border between presence and absence.

DocLisboa, Lisbon, 2021

I see a certain analogy between the way I approach and create films and other forms of artistic expression, such as abstract painting and contemporary music. For many years now, I have had the sense that my way of working with photographic images and sounds is akin to creating compositions with paints and brushes (or even with my fingers) or sounds. Much of it remains uncertain as to its origin and often mysterious. And it should remain uncertain. While I do direct my attention at individual things (and the camera thus records them), most of the time I find them without intentionally looking for them, and ultimately (often many years after their initial creation), transform them into something new through a process of amalgamation (according to the formula 1 + 1 = 3).

Michael Pilz, Retrospective 2023, Vienna

Original title With Love #3
English title With Love #3
Produced by Michael Pilz
Shooting time 2010–2020
Shooting locations Teheran, Putthaparthi/India, New York City, Buenos Aires, Austria, a.o.
Cinematography by Michael Pilz
Original Sound by Michael Pilz
Original language Farsi, English, a.o.
Intentionally no subtitles
Edited by Michael Pilz

Austria 2021

Financial support

First public screening DocLisboa, Portugal, October, 2021

Distribution by Michael Pilz Film
A-1180 Vienna/Austria
Teschnergasse 37
Phone +43.699.11336581